Frequent problems with the computer? solution is!

6 Dec 2018 | Author: | Comments Off on Frequent problems with the computer? solution is!

Computer repair service center in Remobi

Faced with a problem in the operation of the computer unit, not being a specialist in repairing laptops, it is not necessary to proceed to the repair, watching a couple videos on YouTube. That situation has not deteriorated, Remobi best to contact the service center – a professional in no time correcting any damage to computers and other electronics. For details, see здесь.

common, more complex cases, may encounter computer owner, following:

  • the computer will not turn on;
  • blue screen;
  • errors in the;
  • periodically freezes;
  • random reboots;
  • loud works, rustles


- from dust cooler - require disassembly and cleaning units and parts;

- the expiry thermopaste - corrected by applying a thin layer of thermal grease on the new plane processor.

Breakdown drive mechanics, corrected only by replacing the service center.

breakdowns (disruptions) hard drive, manifested in moderation works, its pulsating noise, hovering or disable programs and iron. As a temporary measure can be applied defragmenter program and subsequent replacement of the disc.

Liquids under the body requires:

- dismantling and disconnecting the power supply without the inclusion of;

- complete purging and drying all of the detached units;

- Test run at home, replaceable special testing instruments in the service center, ensuring insulation, as opposed to the inclusion of risky home.

Faulty USB connectors, 2.0 и 3.0 by frequent pulling indirect connections - requires soldering new components.

Faulty keyboard buttons, It manifests itself in the absence of its pressing computer reactions - replacement of the keyboard panel is corrected.

This brief list of problems to be corrected 100% cases only when accessing the service center. Faced with similar symptoms at work or Notebook PC, please contact Remobi, located in one of the six largest cities in Russia, near to you. Delivered by courier or brought in person, Electronics of all well-known manufacturers will be restored. Held computer repair in the shortest time will gain a new life, often, Only keep the old database.

Profitable Computer Repair, done by a professional service center Remobi, affordable / reasonable price does not leave doubts in dealing with each of the following problem only Remobi.

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