comments system to collect feedback about your business.

3 Dec 2018 | Author: | Comments Off on System comments to the collection of reviews of your business.

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Of course the easiest and most logical option would be to ask your customers to leave feedback about your business, share their experiences. This is correct and it works, but often customers leave a review in the resource where it is more convenient to do, or where there are already about you reviews. In this case, triggered the principle of “comet tail”. Commenting system for your site Getrate can import these reviews to your site.

И действительно, if you offer to your customers to leave feedback on your web pages where there are no reviews, and n-p on your FB page where there are already several dozen reviews about your company is more likely to tip is to add to your Facebook page. This story will be reviews on the website or in Google my business. A man is gaining the name of your company's Google sees my business page and leave a review there. instead of opening your sayt..ischet there reviews page, is authorized on it and wrote a review. If you think that the reviews “does not work” and that all comments are written in order that this statement will not be the same for all niches and businesses. resources, where you can leave your comments and trust of your potential customers plenty of. This Google My Business, Yandex maps, ZOON services or Flump. For the success of the Internet is now not enough to put the comments on the website at. If you have any comments on the site and elsewhere that they will not believe. All have become boring commodity Landing with comments Writing “a blueprint”. That is why now there are several cloud services that can:
– import to your site reviews of vashiih communities in social. сетях
– import responses from external sources avtoritenyh
– do newsletter for customers of online stores, on sites that are running Service, and ask them to leave a review about the product and service.

Some services allow you to make mailing through messengers, own mobile app, SMS sending and much more. These include the world's Liera – trustpilot и e-comy. Among Cloud sersisov for iternete stores in the Russian-language internet space can be identified:
– mneniyapro
– getrate
– cackle
Getrate Among them are not only low prices but also podklchenie package without license fee. created specifically for nishevyz resources or sites that are just started its activities and has not yet made a large number of sales. Functionally, the most developed service from cackle but in any case it is necessary to understand that received positive reviews will always be its cost and the bulk of it is a fee for service prlzovanie comments or product reviews. In any case, gather feedback and to conduct post-sale customer surveys is a sure way to razviitya business intern.

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