How to make a website from scratch

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Your site - this is the best promotion of the company or personal brand, so the question of "how to make a website from scratch," remains relevant. Однако, so it does not get lost in the mass of other web pages, he has something distinct and different from them.

В первую очередь, This unique content, aimed at attracting visitors. Сюда входят:

  1. Заголовки
  2. Calls to action
  3. Text
  4. Оформление

This means, that absolutely everything on the website should be such, clinging to look. Pages must be designed in such a way, that it only attracts users. To do this, you can add interesting, but a small story about yourself, о том, what motivates pursue this trend and move on.

If you follow these few instructions, is to make the site a teapot not be difficult.

Также, as well as following the instructions, action on the site should be consistent. Это значит, that, If this topic is not only on the site, но и, for example, Group Social Networking, необходимо, that they adhere to one style, because it is a specific logo, or color calibration was the same. This will help the user to recognize the brand on any platform, where they will meet with references or advertisements about the company or personal website.

In this case also need to know, how to make adaptive site. Mobile version required, if you want to attract users. Since many are viewing the page data, while on the go or while relaxing, and it comes with mobile devices, so that such an addition would only be a plus. Learn more about, how to make your website to promote your company or yourself, see the article: "Stages of Landing for personal brand" (

How to make a website for dummies

Tobiz Website Builder is a platform to create:

  1. Landing
  2. business sites
  3. online stores
  4. блогов
  5. mnogostranichnikov

On the site you can find a variety of different articles and instructions, how to create a website yourself to the constructor. But the work itself is the editor of the following::

After selecting a template (this can be done in the "Templates") you need to start filling pages of content. The proposed variants of texts and pictures need to be replaced for the actual own brand information.

If you need feedback, You can leave the contacts not only e-mail and phone, as well as links to social networks and instant messenger. Thus, users will always be able to contact the owners or managers of the company and ask questions.

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