How to straighten the bent contact pins of the processor

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If you build and repair computers, I often have to deal with processors with bent on 1-90 degrees contacts. I'm so adapt himself to straighten legs chips, that quietly buy damaged Xeon'y bulk and 98% cases more profitable to sell reconditioned processors. Today I'll tell you about a cheap and easy way to fix any CPU with contact pin.

Step 1: Required tools.





For rectifying contacts I use only two things (can replace them with something suitable):

1. Swiss Army Knife
2. Any electronic plastic card (kreditku or smart-card)

If you want to align perfectly legs, you'll need a motherboard, physically compatible with the repaired processor, to make, that straightened good contacts come in a socket (for these purposes, I have an adapter Socket-Slot - «Slocket»).

Step 2: Search bent terminals of.

Looking for bent contacts will help you a sharp eye and a steady hand.

1. Keeping the CPU in sight, prischurte one eye;
2. Eye open, inspect the CPU, slowly moving it in a horizontal direction perpendicular to the line of sight - contact terminals must visually shape in symmetrical rows;
3. If you notice any abnormalities failed, entrusted to the CPU 45 grade and repeat shag 2.

Step 3: Leveling legs bent.






1. Take the knife, carefully slide the blade under the bent terminal and slowly straighten (forgot to take a picture of this process);
2. Repeat step 1 as long as, until all the contacts will not stand vertically with respect;
3. Now take a plastic card and drop it downwards into the space between the extreme conclusions RANGE, In that straightens CONTACTS. Do not insert the HORIZONTAL - bend MORE FEET; Making, that the conclusions are exactly, Check the card next row of contacts;
4. Recap shag 3 another angle, so you check not only the "stitching", but the "columns"

Step 4: Checking the results.

Having dealt with the straightening of pins, insert the CPU into the socket. If the CPU is hardly sits in a nest or refuses to put in the slot, back to step number 2 (I have one processor takes about 5 minutes)

At the end of, Cut a square piece of sponge or foam and insert it in CPU interface side. So you protect the processor on the storage and transport.

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  1. I have several times been faced with this problem processors.
    Is easily corrected with a needle from the syringe to the tightening 90 degrees
    tip, and tested with the top removed from the socket socket.

  2. Интересно, whether such an operation on a socket LGA 1155? For those, who do not know – paws of LGA 1155 are not on the proce, and the Soke, which greatly complicates the access to them… until the pile they have MUCH different from the form of pins (edakii triangular corners sticking obliquely) They are easy to see – Vvodim in Google LGA 1155, we switch to the pictures and lyubuemya at this mess. And I write because, What the utsanovke proca in Mother ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 штук 15 lapok Soke polegli how grass under kombaйnom. I want to emphasize, that no barbarian / unnecessary methods, Tipo proca hammer hammering etc. was not used. Simply inserted percent, PC launched – no reaction. Removed percent, and Siddim in the dark Soke. All new parts. Who that will advise?

  3. I'm on 775 juice tasted 2 times contacts align with tweezers , take them up a little higher than the others, or to the same level so good contacts beat. And Nitsche – successfully ))

  4. Maybe they were bent?

  5. The same situation, inserted into this socket percent core i7, and I see no picture.
    Dismantle, some are looking legs, Although not the first time inserted in a socket Perc. Now I think as things straighten) Foot very much raw, right you touch and they go)) А мать Asus Z87-a, also not worth a penny..

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