Choosing Sunglasses

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Выбираем солнцезащитные очки

Choosing Sunglasses

Each ophthalmologist assure you, that the choice of sunglasses must be approached very seriously. А все потому, buying cheap and substandard points can lead to macular degeneration and even cataracts. In order to avoid such serious consequences must consider many factors, such as the quality of the rim, color and lens material, and their opacity.

Choose a frame

Socket - an important detail of decor as sunscreens, and optical glasses. When choosing a frame must be remembered that, that it should be comfortable, and fit snugly on the nose and ears. Physicians are advised to select only those points, which do not cause pressure on the nose or waxes, because any discomfort can cause headache.

As opticians offer a sufficiently wide range of models of any points, you can afford both metallic glasses, and the plastic frame. However, it is worth remembering, metal frame that is considered more reliable. Кроме того, some metal frame made of light alloy and have a hypoallergenic cover.

Choosing a lens

Properly fitted lenses - the guarantee of health of your eyes. It should be remembered, and that the thickness of the lens material depends on the amount of sunlight, which they passed.

Choosing between glass and plastic lenses, it must be remembered, Steklenev lens that is more transparent. However, due to their fragility, such lenses may be unsafe to view. That's why most manufacturers preferring the production of plastic sunglasses.

Buying sunglasses, it should be remembered, they also serve as an excellent protection for the skin around the eyes, which is very sensitive to the sun. That's why quite practical option is to buy glasses with large lenses. Кроме того, every ophthalmologist will tell you about, that sunglasses with small lenses significantly restrict the field of view of the person, and this leads to additional stress on the retina and tired eyes.

When choosing glasses, should focus more on color lenses. So, the most successful colors for lenses can be considered:

– green - the color of the lens soothe the nerves, and are recommended for those patients, which is observed in the initial stage of glaucoma;

– gray lenses - provide minimal color distortion;

– brown lenses (all shades) - Lenses that color not only helps to reduce eye strain, but enough to see clearly in bright sunlight.

Blue and violet lens colors considered most dangerous to human vision, since they lead to the expansion of pupils, and it is dangerous, that due to high radiation doses suffered retina. Yellow, red and orange colors - also not the most successful color sunglasses, because they can cause irritation, and raise intraocular pressure.

Таким образом, the right choice of sunglasses will not only create a stylish image, but also to prevent premature wrinkles around the eyes, Various mechanical damage, as well as protect your eyesight from dangerous radiation.


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