Innotruck shows new transportation technologies

20 Apr 2012 | Author: | Comments 6 »

In November last year the exhibition freight transport in Belgium, Mercedes has demonstrated its futuristic concept Aero-trailer. Even though it looked very cool, but not so much as a stunning tractor, who appear before the public this month in Germany. Izvestnoe as Innotruck, strange vehicle is part of the Technische Universit (Technical University of Munich). This project, designed to demonstrate a paradigm shift in the automotive, energy and information technology.

Innotruck can see the exhibition with MobiliTec 23 по 27 April.


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  1. How about a ride?

  2. Yeeaah! That's what I dreamed) Here is the thing))

  3. That's really really new technologies! Design, comfort and the succession of the market. Indeed thing! With pleasure I will site visitors of this exhibition!

  4. Outside looks very globally, but inside is actually and comfort, creators have tried to glory.

  5. Mercedes is amazing as always! Interesting in real life we'll ever see it and drive around? In general Respect creators!!!

  6. Here is deystitelno machine, such a shame not to ride and!!! Children, give your opinions eё!!!!

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